Marilyn Manson Channels His Inner Kenny Powers

mansonHunter Stephenson from recently headed to Puerto Rico where they are filming the upcoming season of HBO’s hit series East Bound and Down. For those of you who don’t know, East Bound and Down is about out of work, out of shape has been pitcher Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) and his skewed perception that he has a shot at getting back into the bigs.  With just 6 episodes in the first season that show has gained a large cult following.

While interviewing the shows directors, Jody Hill and David Gordon Green, Stephenson learned of one of the shows followers in particular.  Marilyn Manson.  Yes, the makeup covered freak show that brought you “Beautiful People” and “Dope Show” is one of Kenny Powers’ biggest fans, if not the biggest.  Stephenson go a hold of Adam Bhala Lough, director of a film called Splatter Sisters that is due out next year that is starring Manson, for evidence.

“Whenever I see Manson, he’s repeating entire chunks of dialogue and dressed like Kenny,” says Lough. “He just walks around dressed like this and fucks with people on the street. If a waiter or valet tells him, ‘Have a nice day,” he’ll respond, ‘Don’t tell me what to do.’ Stuff like that. He’s even dressed like this when I’m at his house watching Béatrice Dalle films and Hoarders.”

In addition to that, Lough produced a picture of Manson dressed like Kenny Powers, complete with his #55 Atlanta jersey.  Manson has even grown a jheri curl mullet just like his idol.

What does this mean?  Marilyn Manson is still one weird son of a bitch.


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