Man in stable condition after playing 'real-life' Frogger

froggerSome things, you cannot make up.  For example, this story out of Clemson, South Carolina where a 23 year old man was struck by an SUV while playing a real life version of the popular video game “Frogger”.  In the video game, for those one or two people that do not know, the object is to guide a frog through obstacles and hazardous roads, trying not to get killed.  The game seemed like so much fun, why not have a live action version right?

The man’s name has not been released and police are saying that the driver of the SUV will not be charged.  The police chief said that the young man yelled “go” and then darted into the oncoming traffic of a four lane highway.

It was unknown if he had any extra lives.

Source: Vindicator


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