Lou Holtz Isn't Full Blown Crazy…At Least Not Yet

Don’t get me wrong, I was the first one to assume Lou Holtz suffered a minor stroke when he predicted that Notre Dame will be on top of the BCS this year and their #23 ranking was too low. But upon further review, he may have something. Notre Dame’s schedule this year is easier than Lindsay Lohan in a Vegas club. Their only real challenge will come against USC and Michigan State, both of which aren’t as strong as they usually are. They also play a tough Navy squad but I don’t see them letting themselves lose to them again. They have both Pitt and UConn back to back in November, but both those teams also lost a lot of key players to the draft/graduation. So there is a chance, albeit a distant one, that Notre Dame can pull together and go undefeated. So now we have Notre Dame undefeated but we also have Florida and Oklahoma (or Texas) undefeated as well. Hmm, I wonder which team will get the nod to play in the National Championship? I would rather see a 1-loss Texas or Oklahoma over an undefeated Notre Dame. Hell, USC would be more deserving even if they lost to Notre Dame. I’m pretty sure that Holtz actually forgot about Texas and Oklahoma when he muttered this absurd proclamation. The fact of the matter is that Notre Dame would more than likely finish the regular season ranked 3 or 4 but would actually be more of an 8 or 9. So ya Coach Louie, Notre Dame has a slight chance of going undefeated but I don’t see how anyone in their right mind (obviously you’re removed from that group) would put Notre Dame in the National Championship.

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