Lance Armstrong Has Awkward Moment While Playing Cards Against Humanity Game

We all know that Lance Armstrong had testicular cancer in 1996 and it resulted in a removal of one of his testicles. Most of us also know about the card game Cards Against Humanity. If you don’t, think Apples to Apples but for adults who have a sick sense of humor. Let me also point out that while I meet the requirements to play CAH, I am absolutely horrible at it.

Lance Armstrong also has the pre-requisites to play the card game. It definitely showed as he pulled a card that would make for one awkward game if he didn’t have a good sense of humor.


I have gotten that card before, but I can’t imagine the result was any where near as funny as when Lance had it. Also, for the record, someone commented on how he may not like the game any more and Lance responded “I actually laughed his ass off”.

Wonder if he cheated at the game? I had to, right?

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