KGB Doesn't Know Shit

noThe knowledge site/company KGB claims that if you call or text they can give you the information you need, quickly and accurately.  Their TV ads are annoyingly awful with one asking “How do you say ‘I surrender’ in Japanese?”.  I have never used KGB myself, but I have used the service Cha-Cha.  Cha-Cha, from my experience, has delievered accurate information.  Now normally I wouldn’t give two shits about whether or not you got the right information from KGB when asking a question except when they list Thunder Treats as the source and the answer is inaccurate.

Below is a screen grab from the KGB website.  I came across it when I was going over our traffic and it came up as a site that referred someone to Thunder Treats.  I am all for being linked up but don’t make us look like assholes.  This person wanted to know if the Jon Gruden-looking guy in the Taco Bell commercial featuring Denise was Zachery Ty Bryan from TV’s Home Improvement.  No, it is not…unless you work for KGB.


High quality answers my ass.  The only thing I will you can say is that these two people have the same “butt cut” going on.  Of course I am referring to their haircuts that make the top of their head look like an ass.


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