Justin Timberlake might have been the most entertaining part of the All Star Game

justintimberlakeallstargameOne of the best highlights I have seen from the All Star game last night was Mark Grace’s interview with Justin Timberlake.  JT was either drunk or just being f’in hilarious, either way his answers were more enjoyable than the actual game.

He started the interview off by complimenting Joe Buck’s announcing skills repeatedly.  Almost as if he was making fun of Buck, which would be refreshing.  It is exactly what Buck deserves after his live HBO show.  Then Mark Grace, who was pinched for a DUI about a month ago, made the mistake of asking JT what his favorite ball park food was.

“My favorite? Just beer.” Justin said, “It goes wit the hot dog, it goes with the nachos, it goes with peanuts. Beer’s perfect.  Beer never got mad at me because I didn’t call beer back.”

Absolutely 100% on point.  Well played Mr. Timberlake, well played.

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