If You Aren't Following Jose Canseco, Now is a Good Time


What goes on in the mind of Jose Canseco?  Who in the hell knows is the proper and usual response I’m sure.  Today, though, Jose has taken his anger and rage to a new level via his Twitter page.  It all started about 10:00 AM here on the west coast and hasn’t really slowed down since.  It seems he is a little perturbed by the so-called “haters” out there.  I am not really sure as to what he is referring since he never really points out any one person or sites maybe an article that has him pissed off.  I can assume maybe he is mad at all the articles talking about him walking away from a $2.5 million dollar home that he let foreclose but I can’t be sure.  I know the guy takes a lot of shit for telling the truth but he isn’t making any friends by the way he is talking on Twitter.  Sure, fans will be mean and shit but if you are a self-proclaimed “Celeb” then you might want to use a little discretion when using a publicly viewed forum to voice your opinion.  During his tyraid he stops to let us know how he feels about Bill Maher.  Also he stops and says that he was just venting but about a half hour later he is back at it.  His spelling and general knowledge of grammar leave a lot to be desired.  I just really hope his daughter doesn’t follow him on Twitter.  I know that she knows how to use it because she has sent tweets from his account before.  Below are only 10 of the numerous tweets that Mr. Canseco has sent out today, for more humor I suggest following him on Twitter @JoseCanseco.











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