Jorge Rivera says 'Free Weezy'


Last night myself and Jack Potts had to head to the Red Rock Casino Sports Book to watch our Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Milwaukee Bucks, mainly because both of us are too cheap to get League Pass.  The thing about watching anything in a sports book is that there are about 15 different things on at once, so rarely are you bored during a commercial.  Potts and myself were watching the UFC Fight Night Live bouts during timeouts and commercials and we came across this gem.


This is Jorge Rivera.  After beating Nate Quarry, Rivera opted for a custom shirt rather than the usual Tap Out or Affliction.  He decided to rock a “Free Weezy” shirt.  This was an obvious reference to the rapper who is serving a year sentence on gun charges.  We are counting down the days until Weezy is freed but from what I have read, we will still be hearing from him over the next year.  Weezy has reportedly recorded a lot of collaborations to come out throughout the year that should keep the fans interested.


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