Jon Stewart Blasts CNN for Coverage of MH370: One Place They Haven’t Looked is ‘Up Their Own Assholes’

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart has always done a good job of keeping on different media outlets and not letting them slide when they do something stupid. Well, this time he did a great job. Assuming you watch something other than Yo! MTV Raps, you have seen the expansive coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. You, like myself and many others, have probably become tired of hearing the same recycled latest “news” on the topic. However, one station has gone above and beyond with their “reporting”.

CNN is the king these days of creating something out of nothing and no one better illustrates it than Jon Stewart. He went off on the media giant saying that while other media outlets have moved on from the tragedy, CNN is basically finding new ways of  “pointing at shit and wondering what it is.”


In the video, CNN tells us that buoyant stuff floats, heavy stuff sinks, there is a lot of trash in the ocean and none of it is MH370.

Bravo, Jon Stewart, you said what everyone else was thinking.

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