Joe Buck Live

Now, I can’t be entirely sure but it seems to me that Joe Buck Live might not be that bad. I watched part of his first show last night basically because I was waiting for Weeds to start on Showtime, but I found myself laughing out loud. I’m thinking it mainly had to do with his guests on the show. Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis were funny…when they got to talk. When I say ‘when they got to talk’ I am referring to the loud and obscene Artie Lange. Artie Lange was absolutely hysterical. I only say this because his jokes were funny and it made Joe Buck so uncomfortable I thought he was going to throw up on the coffee table. I know what Artie Lange is capable of. Everyone in America knows what Artie Lange is capable of except maybe the producers of Joe Buck Live. Lange made homophobic remarks about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and his girlfriend Jessica Simpson. He went as far as to say Simpson was a “fat chick” who reminded him of Chris Farley when he played a “Gap Girl” in an SNL spoof. Here’s the deal, I am not as uptight as the rest of America. I saw the humor in it and so should everyone else. Artie Lange is an asshole and he will be the first one to admit it, so let it go. HBO should be proud they did something right, they made Joe Buck watchable.

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