Gotta Love $1 Beer Nights


Anyone that has ever been to a $1 Beer Night at any event knows that they are in for an entertaining evening.  Whether it be a sporting event or at a bar, people tend to drink more than they usually would if it were regularly priced (duh).  With people being overserved all over the ball park, there are bound to be some great ideas that start to fly around.  This increases 10 fold when the home team is getting served.

[youtube id=4mm_R6ljEXE ]

Last night was no exception to this rule.  Myself along with Donk, Zwilly, Jack Potts and the resident party girls L2 and AB, attended the Las Vegas 51’s game against the Fresno Grizzles.  We did this for the sole reason that is was $1 Beer Night as we have never attended any games that were full priced beer nights.  The 51’s were down 7-2 in the 7th inning when a stroke of genius accured next to us.  The guys were building a beerimid.  There are thousands of beer cups laying all over the place so what else would they do?  They started with a row of 42 cups so by my fuzzy math that makes close to 900 cups.  They got all the way to the top with about 6 to go and some d-bags from a few rows down came and knocked it over.  The people reacted perfectly by throwing their beer on them, which was a testiment to how pissed they were because it was the 7th inning and they stopped selling beer.


It should be noted that the people that came and wrecked theirs had one built of their own but it was far inferior.  Just a bad case of jealousy I guess.  When you watch the video, check out the redhead that absolutely stonewalls the guys first attempt at destruction.

Gotta love $1 beers.


Photo and video credit go to AB and Jack Potts

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