Girl Wakes Up After Wisdom Teeth Surgery And Is Pretty Pissed She Isn’t Nicki Minaj

The verdict is still out on whether or not this is real or just a blatant attempt to get on Ellen.

If it isn’t fake, this is hilarious. If it is fake, it’s still hilarious. The internet has dealt us a win-win.

The girls name is Jayci Underwood and her friend decided to video her as she awoke from surgery on her wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, Jayci was under the impression that she was getting cosmetic surgery to come out looking like Nicki Minaj. You can imagine her devastation when she realized that she was still white and, presumably, did not have dat ass tho.

“I love Ellen Degeneres and I’m not even a lesbian.”

Her logic was on point, though, when she thought looking like Jay-Z would make Beyonce like her. You got a better idea of how to become friends with Hova?

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