Finkle Brings the Thunder : The Curse of Miami

What do you know about Ray Finkle?
If you were to look up Pro Football’s All-Time Bonehead Plays, you would read about a Miami Dolphin Kicker named Ray Finkle, who missed a twenty-six yard field goal in the closing seconds of Super Bowl 17.  Finkle then lost his mind and was committed to a mental institution, only to escape and join the police force, seducing his way to the top in a diabolical plan to get even with Dan Marino whom he blamed for the entire thing.  As we all know, Finkle/Einhorn-Einhorn/Finkle’s plan to get even with Marino failed.  Ray must get even with somebody. This leads to my Finkle Conspiracy towards 2009-10 Playoff Kickers….
Super Bowl XLIV Location : Miami
2010 Pro Bowl Location: Miami
The Road to Miami…
Playoff Week 1
New York Jets 24, Cincinnati Bengals 14
Jay Feely 1/1 FG
Shayne Graham 0/2 FG
Philadelphia Eagles 14, Dallas Cowboys 34
David Akers 0/0 FG
Shaun Suisham 2/2 FG
Baltimore Ravens 33, New England Patriots 14
Billy Cundiff 2/2 FG
Stephen Gostkowski 0/1 FG
Green Bay Packers 45. Arizona Cardinals 51
Mason Crosby 1/2 FG
Neil Rackers 1/2 FG
Shank Count : 5

Playoff Week 2
Arizona Cardinals 14, New Orleans Saints 45
Neil Rackers 0/1 FG
Garrett Hartley 1/1 FG
Baltimore Ravens 3, Indianapolis Colts 20
Billy Cundiff 1/1 FG
Matt Stover 2/2 FG
Dallas Cowboys 3, Minnesota Vikings 34
Shaun Suisham 1/3 FG
Ryan Longwell 2/2 FG
New York Jets 17, San Diego Chargers 14
Jay Feely 1/1 FG
Nate Kaeding 0/3 FG
Shank Count : 10

Playoff Week 3
New York Jets 17, Indianapolis Colts 30
Jay Feely 1/3 FG
Matt Stover 3/3 FG
Minnesota Vikings 28, New Orleans Saints 31
Ryan Longwell 0/0 FG
Garrett Hartley 1/1 FG
Shank Count: 12
Ray Finkle really brough the Thunder on these kickers.  A total of 12 misses in 33 attempt, leaving a success rate of 63.5%.  Most of these shanks turned out to be crutial for teams and gamblers alike (blowing spreads and O/U’s).  Rex Ryan and the New York Jets benefited most from the curse.  Shayne Graham all but handed the Jets the win by missing 2 momentum killers in a tight game.  A week later, the hottest team entering the playoffs and Nate Kaeding handed them the game on a silver platter.  Kaeding who went 32/35 (91.4%) on the season and whom didn’t miss inside of 40 yards, decided that it was a good time to shank 3 field goals, end his team’s season, lose me $100 and seal the deal for the title of Douchbag of the Week.  The Packers and Cardinals also had their fair share of the Finkle Curse in a barn burner that ended in an OT win for Kurt Warner and the Cards.  Neither the Saints or Colts have missed a field goal this season but the Ray Finkle curse is still very much alive and should rethink their inks before sending their kickers out onto the field.  Miami is Finkle’s turf and look for him to jinx the Super Bowl placekickers.

2010 Pro Bowl-  Miami Dolphin’s placekicker, Dan Carpenter, missed a field goal in his own back yard and brought the final shank count before the SB to 13.  We all know that 13 is poison and that isn’t a good sign for anyone.  Stover and Hartley BEWARE.
Shank Count: *13*

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