Euro boss makes female employees wear red bracelet during their period

redbandNo, I am not kidding.

A boss in Norway has implanted new workplace policy in regards to restroom usage.  According to Mail Online, said boss is requiring female employees to wear a red wrist band that would indicate it was there time of the month and they would need more restroom time than others.  A workers union uncovered the uncommon practice when doing a report on the “tyrannical” toilet rules within Norwegian companies.

‘Women quite justifiably feel humiliated by being tagged in this way, so that all their colleagues are aware of this intimate detail of their private life.’ 

In addition to finding the boss that tags his female employees, the report also claims that 66% of the companies made their employees use a key card that monitored their bathroom trips.  Also, one company put their bathrooms on video surveillance while another had people sign in via a visitor’s book outside the restroom.

Obviously these are extreme cases but cases none the less.  All of the firms that were practicing the aforementioned “bathroom rules” were not named directly in the report, but all findings were reported to the Norway’s chief consumer regulator Bjorn Erik Thon.
So ladies, next time you complain about your job remember it could be worse…even if for only for a few days a month.

Source: Mail Online


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