ESPN ’30 For 30′ On the Space Jam Game Could Be The Best Documentary Yet

Everyone loves ESPN’s documentary series “30 for 30”.  They have had classics such as “Pony Excess” on the fall of the SMU football program or “Run Ricky Run” which profiled the rise and fall and re-rise of Ricky Williams.  Perhaps my favorite of all was “June 17th, 1994” which recapped the day OJ Simpson was pursued and arrested on charges of murdering his ex wife and her boyfriend.  What was so epic about the doc was that there was no commentary and it was presented with only news reports.

“June 17th, 1994” could be bumped from my top spot if the film makers at ESPN would actually do what Yahoo! has suggested with their parody video below. Which is do a 30 for 30 documentary on the game from Space Jam where Michael Jordan teamed up with the Tune Squad to take on the Monstars.

Please watch the entire video because it gets both intense and hilarious when they talk about the demise of Foghorn Leghorn.

“They killed Foghorn Leghorn right in front of his teammates and they just kept going. They didn’t even acknowledge it.”…..

 …”I can’t imagine a team in today’s NBA that would go on after they see one of their own players killed…Tune Squad… They were different.”


h/t The Nosebleeds

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