Elders watching Skrillex: "I'm thinking it's a lot better if you're stoned"

The Fine Brothers new video is great.  Gather some older people and let them screen a couple Skrillex videos and film it.  You Tube gold.  They got a handful of our elders together who gave us some of the best quotes I have ever heard regarding Skrillex’s music.  Here are a few gems.

“I’m thinking it’s a lot better if you’re stoned”

“It’s so violent”

“Obviously I’m not going to download this to my MP3 player…well..because I don’t have one”

“It’s not exactly Sinatra”

After the videos, the Fine Brothers asked some questions.  The Q&A was equally entertaining.

Q: “What did you just listen to?”

A: “That’s a bunch of crap.”
A: “It’s like techno dance music, with someone screaming every once in a while”

Q: “Did the sound remind you of anything?”

A: “Kinda of like a jackass in a bottle”

There are plenty more good parts and quotes and I encourage you to watch the video.  Perhaps the best quote comes at the 4 minute mark when the lady is asked if she liked the music.

“I would rather have my kid or grandkid listening to this than Justin Bieber or Britney Spears”

Awesome.  Must watch.

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