Drink, Drank…Sleep?

drank_0511There are a ton of different energy drinks and boosters out there.  It seems every time I go to the gas station I see some new form of speed in a can or miniature bottle.  Whether it’s 5 hour energy, Red Bull, Monster or one of the other various brands, they are all littering the shelves giving us the maximum choices when deciding how we will get ourselves jumpstarted.  Well now there is a new kind of drink on the market.  This one won’t be competing with aforementioned energy boosters mainly because it is the exact opposite.  Even though some people are calling it “weed in a can” Drank Anti-Energy drink is a new hot commodity on gas station shelves and soon to be grocery store shelves.  This product, with the slogan “slow your roll” claims to contain a combination of Valerian Root, Rose Hips, and Melatonin designed to “slow your roll” after a hectic day.  I’m not exactly sure if you would use this to just calm your nerves or maybe help you to sleep but some people caution it’s consumption.  In fact, the doctors are suggesting that you make an appointment with your own doctor before consuming this relaxation beverage because of the unknown effects of the some of the ingredients.  The big concern with this product is that two of the main ingredients are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Therefore the amount and quality of the Rose Hips and Valerian Root in the drink is not being monitored and it will be hard to tell what kind of effects it will have on the body.  David DiPersio, clinical pharmacist at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center says he would not recommend drinking Drank and adds that withdrawal from Valerian Root has caused seizures.


The can itself along with the name of the product would seem to mimic the slang “purple drank”, which refers to the mixing of cough syrup and soda (see: Wayne, Lil).  The makers of Drank vehemently deny there being any purposeful connection with this slang, although it is far too easy to make the comparison.  Drank has a warning on the side of the can that says to only consume one can of Drank per day but what happens when the teens are buying them in bulk?  There is no one there to tell them to stop and even worse what happens when the older kids start mixing it with alcohol?  You know it is inevitable that someone mixes it.  In college, we mixed Natty Light with Vodka and Kool-aid plus other various alcohols to make “Jungle Juice” so don’t try to convince yourself that no one will mix this beverage with alcohol.  If people are going to consume this beverage it should be in the comfort of their own home right before bed.  If you are going to be leaving your house for any reason do not drink Drank.  There needs to be a study done on the exact effects this drink has on people before you can just sell it to anyone.  All I know is that every interview or news story I saw on it had a doctor telling the audience that they would not recommend drinking it and if you are going to drink it, consult your physician beforehand.  That, to me, is code for “stay the F away from the stuff”.  The video below is the reaction from a UNLV student.  I’m not sure what he is saying, but I think that’s why its funny.


[youtube id=r-8mBvr4ZVI ]

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