Dad Places Newspaper Ad to Punish Teen Daughter

newspaper16 year old Kirstin Rausch in Southlake, Texas has done what many of us have done to our parents.  She had a late night party.  Normally when it happened to me I just got yelled at or, in some cases, grounded.  Both getting yelled at and getting grounded didn’t really deter me from breaking curfew or having another party, but if my parents would have done something more along the lines of what this girls dad did, then I may have been more responsive.  Robert Rausch is the father of the aforementioned young lady and he has come up with a better plan of attack.

After his daughter decided to have some friends sneak into her house late at night to party, he decided he wanted to punish her but, at the same time, help other people.  So Rausch decided to place an ad in the local paper that offered free babysitting services from his daughter.  The ad asks “Want a FREE night out?” and explains further that his daughter is in trouble for breaking curfew and her punishment is 30 hours of free babysitting. 

The ad reads ““I’m in BIG trouble for missing my curfew, and my parents are making me provide 30 hours of free babysitting as punishment. My pain is your gain, so call.”

Kirstin has already served 6 hours of her sentence and has said her calender is filling up rather quickly.  Reporters asked if she would be breaking curfew or having any late night parties again.

“No, probably not,” Kirstin said.

“Probably?” her dad asked.

“No, no, I’m not,” she answered.

Bravo, Dad.


Source: NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

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