Charles Barkley Says All That Lotion is the Only Way Shaq Can ‘Get His Fat Ass in a Buick’

Sir Charles Barkley was on Conan on Thursday night and was as entertaining as ever. Especially when the subject of Shaquille O’Neal came up. It is pretty common knowledge that these two take jabs at each other whenever they get the opportunity ever since retiring. They even took jabs, literally, when they played against each other. However, now that that both work together on NBA on TNT, it’s even funnier.

They pretty much just bust each others balls and it’s all in good fun. However, I’ve never seen Chuck do a better job than he did last night on Conan.

Conan brought up the fact that he and Shaq have a “fun rivalry” on Thursday night, showing a picture Shaq Instagrammed of Charles face on naked baby’s body taking a selfie. Charles Barkley fired back by giving the best insight we could have hoped for. He claimed that in Shaq’s always picking on him and that in his lotion commercials, they use someone different for the body shots.

Not a far stretch.

Going further, Chuck also alluded to the fact that the lotion is the only way that they could fit Shaq’s fat ass in a Buick.

Charles Barkley went on to hit plush balls with Shaq’s face on them into the audience with a golf club…with a MUCH improved swing. The two people to catch the balls received tickets to the Final Four.

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