Can't Get Much Gayer Than This

This butt pirate is one of the only people who give a shit about this game. The Steeler nation is already celebrating a Super Bowl victory against a surprising underdog Cardinal team. I personally could give a shit less about this game and am turning my attention to seeing how many beers I can drink at my work today before they cut me off and threaten to fire me. Not that I don’t want it to be a great game. I would love to see Kurt Warner show up to the game wearing golden gloves and throws for 600 yards, but the (-7) line throws me off. I think that it can potentially be a 3 point game or a 21 point game. So I’ll support the cards all the way in this one just to see those ass ninja Steeler fans crap their pants in disappointment. I just pray to God that they don’t include Jerome Bettis’ fat ass in any pre or postgame announcements or celebrations. I’d much rather see them play 3 minute quarters, add more commercials then leave out the celebration and interviews so I can watch THE OFFICE earlier.


Pittsburgh 26 Cards 19

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