Bump This.

BUMPER STICKERS. Love Them or Hate Them. Funny or Stupid. Insightful or Shallow. Religious or Anarchist. The list could go on for days. The simple fact is these stickers that people put on their vehicle can say a lot about the person driving that vehicle. For instance:
If someone puts a bumper sticker on a BMW, that says that the owner of said BMW does not value his/her investment in a luxury vehicle, STUPID!!!
If someone puts more than two stickers on the same bumper, that person is committed to their love of bumper stickers. SAD!!!
If someone puts more BS’s on their car than you can count while stopped at a red light, that is utterly ridiculous BS. HIPPIE!!!
Now that we have discussed some of the people that put bumper stickers on their automobiles, let’s discuss the stickers themselves. Bumper Stickers can vary in size, shape, color, and message, but all bumper stickers do have one thing in common. No matter what the sticker says or looks like you are sure to react to every Bumper Sticker you come accross. Oh that one is funny. That is the dumbest bumper sticker I have ever seen. I don’t get it. Those are all reactions that I guarantee we have all had to one sticker or another. These are some of my favorite stickers I have come accross:
I personally feel that the worst bumper stickers are political stickers that are outdated. I hope everyone was able to take some time and reflect about their favorite, funniest and most hated Bumper Stickers they have ever seen.

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