$86,000 Fine? Sorry For Partying.


I know when I was in college, I got noise violations for parties we threw.  I was even cuffed on occasion.  However, none of the fines incurred were much more than $250.  Split that between 5 roommates and it really wasn’t a big deal.  Perhaps it would have been a bigger deal had the fine been a little more.

Maybe $86,000?

Three roommates from the University of Wisconsin-Madison had a kegger after a football game earlier this year.  The party, like most where kegs are present, got out of control.  The biggest problem for these guys was not that there were a ton of people at their house, but the age of the party goers present. 


When police arrived at the house the hosts shut off the lights and locked the doors and told everyone to be quiet.  Raise your hand if this has ever happpened to you.  Ok, put your hand down.  The problem is when there are more than 100 people in/around your house, it is fairly easy to tell there is a party going on.  So by locking the door, the gentlemen had created a barricade and would not let the officiers enter.  Once police finally gained access and apprehended the men responsible for the party, they handed out their charges. 

The three men were charged with procuring alcohol for underage people, dispensing alcohol without a permit and encouraging underage alcohol consumption.  Put your hand back up in the air if you could have been charged with that while in college.  Me too.  Anyway, all together the three men racked up 135 violations.  Impressive.  But the worst part is they have recieved the maximum fine which amounts to roughly $28,700 per person.  This smells like the courts are trying to set a precendence in Madison to make students think twice about having a party.  Far enough, but really, almost 30 grand for throwing a party?  They have said that it is likely the fines will be reduced (duh) and maybe some of the fine will remain open.  By leaving the fine open, if the offenders repeat, they can then charge them the rest of their fine.

The three roommates go to court October 25th.  This weekend is Homecoming at Wisconsin and if you are having a party, you may just have to sack up and start asking for ID’s.  Do you really want to call and tell Mom you got a $28,000 ticket.  Not me.

Source: Star Tribune


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