25 Things I would Rather do Than Watch or Listen to Cee Lo Green Sing Before Thursday Night Football

Cee Lo Green’s intro for Thursday Night Football is one of the worst things I have ever seen or heard…and I have seen Heidi Montag post op and I have heard Kim Kardashian sing/yell.  So yea, I have seen bad and I have heard bad, but nothing compares to what Cee Lo has done to The Ramones famous hit “Blitzkreig Bop”.

This T-Rexed arm, annoying voiced ass hat has taken The Ramones hit and tossed it into a garbage disposal, threw in some dry wall screws and loose change, packed it all in with a broom handle and flipped the switch.  It is almost too much to listen to, which I can imagine is the reason the NFL has shortened it considerably.  It is so bad, that we have developed a laundry list, started as a joke, of things we would rather do than be subjected to it again.  Take a look below and add your own in the comment section.

[youtube id = QHH3fCIoOs8]

We would rather:

  • Listen to Chris Berman read Goosebumps Say Cheese and Die
  • Party with Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter
  • Listen to Lou Holtz read tongue twisters
  • Watch Alex Rodriguez hitting tutorials
  • Watch Lance Armstrong’s guide to having loyal teammates
  • Watch Joe Biden debate anything
  • Sext with David Petraeus
  • Listen to Ryan Lochte explain quantum physics
  • Visit Israel with Mel Gibson
  • Listen to Chris Berman call the Home Run Derby with a mouth full of Applebee’s
  • Compete for a girl with Channing Tatum
  • Eat at Guy Fieri’s new restaurant in New York
  • Watch Al Sharpton and Stephen A Smith fill in on PTI
  • Drink with Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens
  • Listen to “It’s Thanksgiving” instead
  • Listen to the choir of nasal sniffles around me, from all my co-workers with colds.
  • Watch Octomom’s porn
  • Have Hostess go out of business so we have no more Twinkies….oh wait!
  • Continue to see the people on Facebook posting about the election.
  • Be tagged in every baby picture on Facebook
  • Listen to Kristen Stewart give another awkward late night talk show interview
  • Listen another Gangnam Style parody song
  • Eat pizza with a fork and knife
  • Listen to someone break down their fantasy football team.
  • Listen to some nerd explaining in explicit detail his how insane his online battle in Black Ops 2 went last night.


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