16 Things We Need Before the End of the World

Assuming the Mayans were right and didn’t just get writers cramp, the end of the world will be Friday, December 21st.  I don’t know if that means at midnight on Thursday or midnight on Friday, so we might as well live it up right?  We got to thinking about somethings we felt needed addressed before our demise.  They are mostly basic things that we should have gotten by now.  For instance, Dr. Dre’s Detox album.  I mean come on Dre.  Also, how about finishing up How I Met Your Mother?  I don’t want to spend eternity trying to figure it out.  Especially since Robin is marrying Barney now…or is she?  See what I mean?

Below is a picture gallery of the 16 things we feel we deserve to see before the world as we know it ends.  Just to be clear, I’m not quitting my job, spending all my money and acting like it’s the last days on Earth.  More power to you if you are, though.

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