Winamax or Betclic – Best Bookmakers in France by Meilleur Site de Paris Sportif

Betting is fun. And, it has been around ever since sports came into existence. No one knows for sure, but there is some evidence that suggests that bet shops existed in Ancient Rome. Of course, they placed money on gladiators and carriage rides. But, that isn’t that much different than where we put our money today. You can place a bet on pretty much anything these days, and get a pretty good monetary reward for it.

What makes betting so much fun?

Several things make it ecstatic. First and foremost, people think it’s about the money. Of course, it plays an important role in it, but often times this isn’t the main thrill. The main thing is the seeking of excitement and fun. You pay a small amount of money before a match starts. You pick a team that’s your favorite and then the game begins. Every minute of the game is filled with excitement. At any moment some team can score a point, and this will determine whether or not you’ll get the money. This makes you sit at the edge of your seat and make your blood boil. 

Bookmakers watch out for upcoming games and events. So, this makes it easier for people to have more opportunities. Almost all sports are covered in these booklets. They include football, basketball, fighting, volleyball, handball, darts, and all sorts of other ones. Some even have the option to bet which film will win the Oscars, who will be the next President of a country or even the winners of Eurovision. With so many things to bet on, which bookmaker is the best? Find more info here: meilleursitedeparissportif com

The signup bonus

Betclic and Winamax are two of the best ones. They both have a signup bonus for new players, and this is inviting for everyone. So, which is the best bonus? First of all, they both look kind of the same. Betclic gives the opportunity to get 100 euro free bets if you win or lose. However, Winamax gives the same amount of money only if you lose. This seems like it provides Betclic the advantage. But, there are other conditions which then apply to the bonus. You must use that money to bet on other games. This turns the advantage into a disadvantage. That’s because Winamax gives the opportunity to withdraw the bonus in cash immediately.

The odds

In this category, Winamax offers the best odds. This ranges to all sports. These bookmakers made this into their primary promotion, and they stick to it. On the other hand, Betclic falls into the average category. However, what they lack in odds, they make up for with great information, education, and knowledge.

The help and advice

This is a category in which Betclic dominate. They have a lot of older football stars to give their advice and expertise. This makes it way easier for new customers who might be confused with all of the numbers, statistics, and percentages. Their competitors offer to make up your choices independently. This is okay for experienced players, but most newbies will be lost in all of the information and the rules.

The range of bets

Now, this category is based on personal preference. Winamax offers classical sports with more coverage. This means that there will be many more football games to bet on since this is one of the main things people want. On the other hand, Betclic offers different sports types. This means that if you’d like to enjoy golf, boxing, cycling, and other sports, as well as football, they’ll be the better option.

The mobile application

Both of them have a great mobile app. This makes it easy to use them, due to the great user-oriented design. Now, since we’ve looked at all of the good sides and bad sides, it’s time to pick the winner.

The winner, by a close margin

Winamax wins by a very narrow margin. This is because of their first time bonus, and the better odds. Since it offers new players better opportunities, this bookmaker is particularly suitable. However, Betclic takes the second place with pride, because their bonus can be used several times. And, the information they provide can also be valuable to all players.

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