What Happens if Obama and Romney Split the Electoral Votes?

It is very unlikely, but it is still possible.  Barack Obama and Mitt Romney can potentially split the 538 electoral votes, 269-269, falling 1 vote shy of the needed majority of 270.

If this happens, then all hell is sure to break loose.  Rather than explain it to you, I will post a video below that explains what will happen.  For the convenience of those who cannot watch or listen at work.  Here are some of the most important points.

  • If there is a tie, the House of Representatives breaks the tie.  But instead of each of the 435 members getting a vote, each state is given 1 vote. This is awful because the 10 states that make up more than half of the U.S. population only get 20% of the vote, giving the other 40 states 80% of the vote.
  • This is also used if there are 3 candidates that receive electoral votes with no one getting the needed 270.
  • In the event of a tie, while the House of Representatives picks the new President, the U.S. Senate will select the Vice President.  It is NOT a package deal once the President is selected.
  • Because of the even number of Senators and the House voting as 50 states, that still leaves room for a tie.  In the event of the House and the Senate cannot pick the new President and Vice President, the Speaker of the House becomes acting President until a decision is made.

[youtube id = sHEDXzOfENI]

That’s right folks, although unlikely, we could be subjected to an Obama Presidency with a Paul Ryan Vice Presidency or a Mitt Romney Presidency and a Joe Biden Vice Presidency.  At least Saturday Night Live would have endless material.

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