WATCH: Shia LaBeouf Recalls Drunk Nights Just Like We Do

Except when Shia LaBeouf does it, he is on Jimmy Kimmel Live and in front of millions of people.

While on the late night show, LaBeouf recounted an arrest in New York City after getting kicked out of a cabaret club. He was candid and open about what happen, not to mention hilarious.

We all have nights like this. I actually have three that ended the same way. And we all sit around and retell those stories to our friends and laugh about them. Essentially that’s what LaBeouf did, only on a much larger scale.

He was on Ellen recently as well and was candid with her. He was a little more polished since her show airs when kids are getting home from school, but he was still hilarious.

It is definitely worth watching both of these clips in their entirety.

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