Warner Bros. Gives the Green Light to ‘Entourage’ Movie

Vinnie Chase and the Chasers are back!  But I’m sure they are still the “we don’t drink Yager” crew. 

Big news out of Hollywood late last night was that Warner Bros. studios has given the green light to start work on a movie version of the HBO smash hit Entourage.  For those of you who don’t know, Entourage ran from 2004-2011 and followed the life of a movie star and his cronies, hence the name.

Doug Ellin, who was an executive producer for the show, has been tapped as the director and the core cast from the show has been secured.  Those yet to get deals, but are almost assuredly going to get them, are Rex Lee (Ari’s assistant, Lloyd), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Eric’s love interest, Sloan) and Scott Caan.  If those deals aren’t made this movie might as well be DOA.  However, if they can get those deals done and the deal of one Rhys Coiro, better known as Billy Walsh, then this should be a nice dessert to the entre that was Entourage.

No start date has been planned out yet and no storyline has been hammered down.  When we last saw super agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), he had given up his career to be with his wife whom he almost lost.  They are on a vacation when he gets the call for his dream job, to be head of a studio.  He may lose Mrs. Ari (Perry Reeves) if he takes the job, but in doing so he will be able to put his boy Vinnie Chase in any movie.

Yes, Drama, there’s a part for you.

Some may think the series ended great and don’t want to see it get ruined but, in my honest opinion, if they make a good film and try not to make a sequel **cough, Sex and The City, cough** then I am sure this will be something that will be great for the series as well as the fan base.

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