VIDEO: Cleveland Police Officers Blow Off Steam with an Impromptu Snowball Fight

Police officers in Cleveland don’t have it very easy. They, like all police officers, put their lives on the line everyday and have to watch their every move.  They protect all of us and are constantly looking out for us. They’re jobs are high-stress, to put it lightly.

So when a group of police officers from Cleveland decided to have a little snowball fight during a blistery night downtown, obviously no one made a big deal out of it, right?

Wrong. But not completely.


WEWS Channel 5 in Cleveland felt it necessary to take the video, shot by an angry man who says the police woke him up in the middle of the night with their antics, to the local bowling alley to see what the people thought.  For the most part, people got the idea, some still think the police were out of line.

Listen, they are doing a job that most people want nothing to do with. If they want to have a snow ball fight for two minutes or so, for God’s sake let them. Give them a damn break.

And as far as “wasting tax money”, let me know how 2-minutes of time for 3 or 4  officers breaks down in the yearly budget, I’d be happy to foot that bill.

h/t @atsko211

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