Top 4 Most Unusual Films To Watch in 2020

If you’re the kind of person who just loves weird movies, you’ve come to the right place. Weird and unusual films can usually be interpreted in many ways. They can make you think harder than the average movie, and this can be appealing to some. However, some may just be plain confusing (we’re looking at you David Lynch) – either way, they can be a lot of fun to watch. With that in mind, here’s a list of the most unusual films to watch in 2020. 

Horse Girl

Horse Girl is a movie up for interpretation. It is co-written by the star, Alison Brie, and she has openly said that it’s a movie close to her heart as her own grandmother struggled with mental health issues. Mental health is a big theme, but things get even more confusing when parallel universes, aliens, and time travel are potentially thrown into the mix. Oh, and horses. This is a very surreal take on a woman’s breakdown. Sarah works in a craft store, is lonely, and quiet, and begins having strange dreams. Watching how she handles the balance between reality and fantasy is mesmerising and disorienting. Even more interesting, all of this film was improvised. They knew where they wanted to go with it, and just let the actors do their thing. 

Cloud Atlas 

This film is an exploration of how actions of one individual can impact the lives of people in the past, present, and future. The film is complex and epic, and has many familiar faces. Actors like Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Tom Hanks, and Susan Sarandon make an appearance. This is a stunning film, but be warned – the plot is not linear! Look at the best torrent sites in 2020 and you should be able to find this. 


This film is a Netflix original revolving around a woman named Katrina. Katrina’s daughter is bitten by a rattlesnake and is close to passing away when a mysterious woman confronts and tells her she can cure her daughter. The bite mark vanishes and the little girl comes to. However, on a further visit, a mysterious man approaches her and says she now has to pay the price by taking somebody else’s life. She ends up in Tulia, Texas, where there have been many disappearances over the years. There, she gets ready to do the murderous deed. 

What Happened To Monday

What Happened to Monday is a dystopian move that brings its very own twist to what the future might look like. The film is set in 2043, and overpopulation is a huge problem. Having more than one child is unacceptable, and anyone who does will suffer the consequences from the Child Allocation Bureau. However, 7 identical sisters are born to a woman who passes away during childbirth. Their grandfather names them each after a day of the week, and they basically share a life, each emerging on their allocated day. However, Monday fails to return home one day, throwing them all into danger. Noomi Rapace, who plays all of the sisters, did a great job in this film. 

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