Top 10 Super Bowl commercials according to USA Today's Ad Meter

eminem-chryslerThe USA Today has released the results from their ad meter program.  Ad meter is made up of 282 volunteers from California and Virginia.  They are each given an electronic device that allows them to register how much they liked each ad.  A computer continuously processes the data and after the game the averages are calculated.  The highest average for each commerical is how they are ranked.

This year, the number 1 spot was a tie between the Bud Light commercial featuring dogs as the party hosts, dj, etc. and the Doritos commercial with the pug that runs through the door.  This is especially impressive with the latter being created by a consumer for a Doritos contest.  The creator, JR Burningham, won $1 million dollars for winning the contest.  Doritos clearly has a great thing going as their consumer created commercials have pulled in the top spot 2 out of the last 3 years with a runner-up spot last year. 

The others in the top 10 were memorable.  I laughed out loud at the Career Builder commercial with the chimps that parked too close.  The NFL commercials with all the clips of TV shows with NFL gear superimposed was really cool.  Another laugher was the Bridgestone ad where the beaver pays back a driver that swerved to miss him.

Unfortunately, my favorite commercial did not make the top 10.  Or top 20.  Or top 40.  Coming in at number 44 was the Chrysler commercial for Detroit featuring Eminem.  Perhaps had the volunteers lived near the Motor City, they would have taken more of a liking to this commercial.  I know that everyone in or from the surrounding areas of Detroit got chills up their spine when they saw that ad.  To say it was number 44 is a little ridiculous.  It is top 10 material for sure.  But I imagine because it wasn’t funny, it wasn’t popular around the nation.  Click here to see the entire list, 1-61, on USA Today.


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