T.I. released from prison, headed to a halfway house

Six months is the record to beat…annnnnnd GO!

tiSouthern rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris was released from Forrest City Correctional Facility in Arkansas early this morning after serving 10 of the 11 month sentence for his probation violation.  T.I. has been released to a halfway house to serve the remaining month.

T.I. was sentenced in 2009 to a year in prison stemming from federal weapons charges.  He served roughly 7 months in prison with another 3 months in a halfway house.  He was released in March of 2010 but 6 months later found himself brought up on drug charges after a traffic stop in LA.  This was a direct violation of his probation, which resulted in his aformentioned 11 month prison sentence.

T.I. took to Twitter this morning to announce his release and you can bet he will be have a new album in the near future.  He released a single in June titled “We Don’t Get Down Like Ya’ll” that will more than likeyl be featured on the yet to be named/announced album.

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