Thunder Treats & Catullo Meats Present: The Chop Block

thechopblockThere are few things on this Earth that go together better than sports and meat.  It’s like the meat and potatoes of stuff that goes together like meat and potatoes.  We have realized there is potential for something special if we joined forces with our favorite butcher, Danny Catullo of Catullo Prime Meats, and we are happy to announce that the potential we saw has come to fruition!  Allow me to introduce you to The Chop Block!


By teaming up with Danny and Catullo Meats, we can bring to the masses a unique view on sports and entertainment while enjoying some of the delicacies that Danny whips up in the kitchen.  For you, the viewer, you can expect our normal, off the cufff, take on different stories and happenings across the nation with the bonus of getting a new recipe from The Butcher himself!  Win-win. 

Joining myself and Danny at the table will be DiNunz.  Hopefully you will recognize the voice of DiNunz from the podcasts that I know all of you listen to religiously…right?  Anyway, we will have new episodes of The Chop Block starting in March.  Be sure to follow myself, Danny or DiNunz on Twitter to be kept in the loop!  If you aren’t on Twitter,you can also follow us or Catullo Meats on Facebook!

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