The Hangover Part III Has a New Trailer

hangoverpart3I was a little on the fence about The Hangover Part III when I saw the first trailer a couple months ago.  It felt like they were stretching the franchise, just like they did in The Hangover Part II.  Today, I came across a new trailer for the movie that gives a little more about the plot than the first one did.  Here’s what I got from it after watching it once.

Phil, Alan, Stu and Doug are all featured in this trailer.  It appears that after Alan’s father dies, he goes a bit off the wall and quits taking his meds.  The group talks Alan into going to a mental health facility.  They all agree to drive Alan there as a show of support.

Unfortunately, while on their way to the facility, they are run off the road by a couple of thugs who work for John Goodman because Mr. Chow owes Goodman’s character $21 million and they think the “Wolfpack” knows where Chow is.  Predictably, Goodman take Doug as collateral so the group has no choice but to find Chow and get his money.

The rest, I’m guessing, will be a lot of funny encounters that all lead back to Vegas where ultimately they find and deliver Mr. Chow and get their Doug back.  I’ll still go see it and, admittedly, I’m more excited for The Hangover III than I was after the first trailer.


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