Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil’s “It’s Tan Mom” Music Video is the Worst Thing That Has Ever Been Recorded

Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil is a piece of work.  After gaining fame because she was accused of putting her five year old daughter in a tanning booth, just to get a base presumably, she is now doing something she calls “music”.  In an attempt to extend her 15 minutes of fame (that ended well over an hour ago), she has released a music video for her new single “It’s Tan Mom”.

Shoot me in the face.

Or the ears.

Just make sure I’m out of my misery.


This video is so bad that it isn’t even funny.  Literally.  I didn’t even smile once during the playing of it.  I was grossed out and annoyed by the whole thing.  Also, I don’t understand the gay guy feeling her up? Why is that even in there?  Listen to her, and look at what she is wearing when she is interviewed about  her song.  She sounds like she has been taking in as much cocaine as she has rays.


Clearly Steve Hirsch made the right call when Tan Mom offered up a porn for Vivid Entertainment.  Hirsch quickly told Krentcil that Vivid didn’t do “granny porn“.  Funny because she is only in her mid-40’s.

Ain’t tanning booths grand?

I will say that Patricia Krentcil is a rare talent, though.  How many other women do you know that Nadya Sulemon and Farrah Abraham look normal?

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