Super Bowl Prop Bets Already Flooding the Online Gambling Sites

If there is anything that those of us over the age of 21 enjoy more than the Super Bowl, it would be sports book prop odds on the Super Bowl. The game itself may not feature your team, especially if you are like me and are a Cleveland Browns fan, but with prop betting it makes the game fun and interesting, regardless of who is playing.

Already, some online sports books are posting their early odds for the vast amount of prop bets they offer. From first half score margin to what the coin toss will be and what the margin of victory will be, you can pretty much bet on anything you want.  Below are some of my favorite props that have been made available so far.

Winning Margin/Scenario
DEN wins by 7-9 points +696, any other result -1091
SEA wins 1st half & loses game +696, any other result -1091

Game tied at half, goes to overtime
Tied at Half & goes OT +6600
Any other result -12200

First to 20 points
SEA to 20 Points +125
DEN to 20 Points +105
Neither to 20 Points +550

Total turnovers
Under 2 +410
2-3 +125
4-5 +190
6 Or More +500

Highest Scoring Quarter
1st Q +550
2nd Q +160
3rd Q +500
4th Q +200
Tie +900

Total Touchdowns
Under 3 +650
3-4 +250
5-6 +175
7 Or More +160

Quarter of first touchdown
1st Quarter -357
2nd Quarter +250
3rd Quarter +1400
4th Quarter +2200
No Touchdown +3300

Super Bowl MVP
Matt Prater +10000

Team to call first timeout
Seattle Seahawks -120
Denver Broncos -120

Coach to use first Challenge
Pete Carroll (SEA) -115
John Fox (DEN) -115

Official number of fans in attendance
Odd -115
Even -115

Now this is just the start of the prop betting that will be available next week. You can also bet that there will be a number of receptions, number of completions/incompletions and first interception prop bets available as well. Also, one of our very favorite prop bets is the over/under on the national anthem.  This year it will be sung by four time Grammy winner Renee Fleming. Last year, the over /under was set at 2 minutes 15 seconds for Alicia Keys, which resulted in the over paying out.

Prop bets are a great way to make Super Bowl Sunday even more enjoyable. Be sure to check back for the sports book prop odds before the big game on February 2nd.

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