Did Stuart Scott Open SportsCenter with ‘We’re coming, you better swallow’?

For a slight moment, I thought Stuart Scott had pulled off one of the funnier pranks at the World Wide Leader, but after further review and checking in on Twitter, I was bummed to find out that my ears had just played tricks on me.

During the opening of SportsCenter from Saturday night, Stuart Scott gave the usual run down.  But when it came time to bring in the show, it sounded like he had made a perverted comment.  Obviously when I first heard it, I was a little shocked.  I mean, this is Stu we are talking about.  We are used to his catch phrases and what not, but to make a comment like this is uncharacteristic to say the least.  Take a listen.


“Sports Center, we’re comin’, you better swell up”

It might seem obvious after a few listens but if you are just sitting there waiting for SportsCenter to start and you catch that, you may think that Stu tried to pull a fast one on you.  Obviously, we weren’t alone because Stuart Scott addressed the misunderstanding on Twitter.

I wonder if Stu parks his “swell up” catch phrase?  Or maybe he’ll  just continue to use it sparingly or where it may not be brought into queston.

Either way, still love Stu.

h/t to @Lance_A_Price

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