Sony Releases Final ’22 Jump Street’ Red Band Trailer and it is Your Best Nightmare

Sony has released the last of their trailers for the upcoming “22 Jump Street” and if you’re not on board by now, then you probably won’t ever be. This trailer follows Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as they head to college, and subsequently, spring break. The trailer shows great promise for another hilarious film and if you didn’t like the first one, then I don’t like you.

Perhaps the best part of this trailer is seeing Jonah Hill as a mexican drug dealer. His line “Where’d you find this Gringo, man? A f*ckin’ Mumford and Sons concert and shit?” had me rolling.

Please remember, though. Eric and Vinnie Chase taught that a good trailer can sell a shitty movie. So beware. “22 Jump Street” will be released sometime this Summer. Enjoy.


I’ll go see it.


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