Snoop is the New Spokesman for Hot Pockets, Releases “Pocket Like It’s Hot” [Video]

“Got some cheesy drizzle, drippin’ on my shizzle”

It appears that Snoop Dogg will do anything to get his hands on some money.  This is apparent by him being named the new spokesman for Hot Pockets, which I don’t take issue with.  What I do have a problem with is the release of the music video below, “Pocket Like It’s Hot”.

An obvious play off of his smash hit “Pop it like it’s Hot”, Snoop takes you on a three and a half minute tutorial on how to completely destroy your street cred.  For instance, it’s not very thug life to trade in your lowrider with switches for a tricycle with a microwave attached to it.  Also, cameos by DeStorm Power, Brodus Clay, Herbie Hot Pockets and Andy Milonakis make for a nice addition to the butchering.  Take note of Andy Milonakis, who looks like he is a Hot Pocket short of a fat coma. Check out the video below.

Oh ya, Snoop is about to turn 41 too.

[youtube id = Qr22iCGxDBo]

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