Saturday Night Live Aired Trailer for ‘The Fault In Our Stars 2: The Ebola In Our Everything’

Saturday Night Live has paved it’s way through the last 40 years by poking fun at the biggest headlines and biggest news in pop culture. You can’t argue that with that logic, the Ebola outbreak was bound to get some air time. However, was it in good taste?

A lot of people are up in arms with the fact that just yesterday Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson De Ville held up a sign at their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers that read “towels carry ebola”. It was a reference to the popular Terrible Towel that many Steelers fans wave throughout the game.

So is this any different?


Since Saturday Night Live is known to cross and sometimes destroy the line, they probably won’t catch much heat for this. I can’t say the same for Mr. De Ville, though, who is already a hot topic of debate this morning.


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