‘Royals’ by Lorde Was Inspired By a Man Who Shit Himself

During an interview this Fall, it was revealed that the hit song “Royals” by New Zealand born singer Lorde wasn’t inspired by a royal family but rather a picture of a baseball player signing autographs in a jersey that said “Royals” across the front in cursive.  That player? None other than the greatest story teller Major League Baseball has ever seen, George Brett.

Originally, during an interview with Rolling Stone, Lorde said that her hit song was her take on the royal families, like we all thought.  She explained that she had always been “fascinated with aristocracy” and she was really interested in the “Ivy Leagues, the final clubs, all the really old-money families” and the concept itself of “old money”.

That story changed during an interview for VH1 in September when Lorde revealed that actually inspired from a picture she saw in National Geographic.

“I’d been kind of thinking about writing that song for a while and been pulling together a couple little lines here and there, and I had this image from the National Geographic of this dude signing baseballs. He was a baseball player and his shirt said Royals. I was like, I really like that word, because I’m a big word fetishist. I’ll pick a word and I’ll pin an idea to that.”

Ok, I’ll admit it. The only reason I wrote this article was so I could post the video of George Brett explaining how he crapped his pants in the Bellagio hotel lobby in Las Vegas.


“I said ‘Larry you won’t believe this. I’m standing outside the f*cking Bellagio, I can’t move, I got shit everywhere.  I shit all over myself.'”

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