Rihanna Back With Chris Brown According to a Picture She Posted on Instagram

Remember when Rihanna got her ass completely beat by Chris Brown?  Remember the story we heard, about her screaming and a person calling the police.  She thought he was going to kill her.  She was beaten almost beyond recognition.  Rihanna sat down with Diane Sawyer and cried and moaned about how hurt she was and this wasn’t the Chris that she knew.  Remember all of that?  Rihanna must have a short memory because she is back with the same man that put her in the hospital.  Maybe he is sorry and maybe he has changed.  We don’t know that.  But from the outside looking in, and history, it looks like this is a terrible decision.  Per her Instagram account, she posted this picture of her and the woman beater.  Also, Rihanna inadvertently outed Chris Brown’s new Twitter handle, @fuckyopictures, after he deleted his account again earlier this week after he went bat shit crazy on a female comedian.  Turns out, they are both equally as stupid as it seems.


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