Rapper Fat Joe drops over 100 pounds

fat-joeFat Joe says the last time he was actually “slim” was when he was one or two months old.  Well that has changed now since the rapper got serious about his eating habits and workout regimen.  With the help of his trainer, eating healthy, eating smaller portions and the support of his family, Joey Crack has dropped 100 pounds and counting.

His motivation comes from numerous places.  One big factor (no pun…which isn’t a pun either) was the death of his close friend and rapper Big Pun back in 2000.  During this interview it was also revealed that six (!) of Joe’s friends that were overweight died of heart attacks last year alone.  Although Joe took pride in his weight and “represented for the big people” he had come to the realization that he needed a change before he ended up like his friends.

Joe says at his heaviest he was close to 450-460 pounds.  He is now roughly 250 pounds and is keeping himself busy whether it is with his family, in the gym or in the studio.  Joe says that even though he has lost the weight, the name will never change.  Fat Joe released his first mixtape on Halloween, “The Darkside Vol. 2” and the first single “Another Round” featuring Chris Brown is out now.  This single is the first off of his yet to be named 11th album.

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