New photos of Rihanna surface two years after being assaulted by Chris Brown

rihanna-hospital1Media Take Out has posted this and another picture of the aftermath of the brutal attack on Rihanna by her then boyfriend, Chris Brown.  Whew, it’s a good thing he is not legally allowed to come near her anymore…

Oh…wait…that’s right

Just this week, in one of the smartest moves ever, a judge agreed to lift the restraining order against Chris Brown and allow the singer to have contact with his ex-girlfriend.  Let’s just hope it isn’t the same contact that they had before.  Rihanna had no objections to removing the old restraining order that kept Brown at least 50 yards away from her at all times.   

What are the odds that everyone involved in removing that restraining order feels like a giant lump of shit after seeing these pictures?

Including Rihanna.

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