Marty McFly’s Shoes are Available and Now You Can Have His Hoverboard Too

Perhaps one of the best movie franchises of my thirty year existence (relax, nerds, I said “perhaps” and “one of”), Back to the Future, has spawned some of the best marketing tactics ever. A couple years ago, we were all dumbfounded when Nike announced they would be releasing the glowing Nike Air Mag shoe, aka the Marty McFly’s. The demand and buzz created from the shoe went above and beyond what was expected and the shoes didn’t even lace themselves, like in the movie.

Until now.

It was announced earlier this year by Nike designer Tinker Hatfield that the shoe company was working on, and would be releasing, self tying shoe laces in 2015.

So what could possibly be next? How about that Mattel Hovercraft that Marty McFly used in Back to the Future II?

If you have seen the movie, even just once, you surely remember Marty outrunning Biff and his cronies with his hoverboard he stole from a little girl. Well, it is almost 2015, the same year as in the movie, and like in the movie, the hoverboard is becoming a reality.

At least that is what the people at HUVr want you to think.


While these videos are clearly fabricated, it is awesome to watch the test subjects “trying” them out for the first time. ¬†And, assuming these videos are fabricated, what is the motive to make them? What are they trying to promote? Also, speaking of the test subjects, they spent some serious coin getting Billy Zane, Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens, Moby and more to help with the hoax. Be sure to look for School Boy Q too, he’s on another planet.

The fact that Christopher Lloyd, aka Doctor Emmett Brown, starts off the video by bringing the board to the people in a DeLorean, I’d say the possibility of a reboot of the franchise is an absolute possibility. Although, I don’t know what I would rather have. A reboot or a Back to the Future IV?


Think about it. Michael J. Fox is back in the game and can easily be written into a new script. Perhaps a Flux Capacitor that runs on stolen Libyan Plutonium and a car generating 1.21 gigawatts of power could be a cause Parkinson’s disease?

I’m half kidding.

Whatever the motive is behind the videos, I’ll be eagerly awaiting to find out. Until then, enjoy the videos and keep fantasizing about what the future will be like.

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