Mariah Carey Sounds Like She Was Jumping Rope In The Attic During The Rockefeller Tree Lighting

Isolated vocal audio from Mariah Carey’s performance during the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony has surfaced and it’s bad. We knew it was bad just by watching and using our ears, but to hear the Mariah-only audio is something else.

It’s not completely terrible until about the three minute mark. By that time its sounds like she’d been jumping rope in a hot attic, making it nearly impossible to get out any of her high notes.

I will say that she still has it otherwise. I mean, she’ll always be that babe in the white bikini thingy, dancing on a boat in the Honey video. Always.

She did spend over three hours on Tuesday with lawyers regarding her divorce from Nick Cannon. Sooo…

Call me.

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