Majesty Male Strippers 101 – Male Dancers and Male Entertainers for Bachelorette Party

This article will provide you with some advice so you can enjoy the tease by a male stripper with your friends on your last night as a single woman. It will talk about some topics such as when male entertainers from agencies like Majesty Male Strippers are appropriate, reasons you should hire one, the good and bad of strip clubs versus strippers, way to find one in your area and how to approach them.

Is a male stripper suitable all the time?

If your friend is getting married and you want her to have a blast before she ties the nuptial knot. You can surprise her with a stripper since you will have an idea of if she likes one or not. However, you need to think of others that might come to the bachelorette party. You should skip getting a naked dude to swing meat in her face if he mum will also be at the party. Think of other people that will likely frown upon the idea – grandmas, married women, groom’s sisters, prudes, people that have heart issues etc.

Reasons to hire

After you have managed to cut out the people that won’t approve of the party, then you can continue planning. There are many amazing reasons get some naked men to dance and gyrate at a bachelorette party. That day will likely be the last night out for your friend. For the rest of her life, she might not ever have the chance to touch, see or feel the fit body of a strange and attractive man. Some grooms will slowly descend into owning a potbelly which starts with excessive drinks at the wedding reception. So send her forth with a bang in case her husband will fall into that category. She will have a nice memory even if her man doesn’t have a firm and toned body after some years.

Pros and cons of strippers vs. strip club





You don’t have to go to them Limited men are available, you get only the ones that you hire
Their eyes will be entirely on the bride They might show up late
Cheap drinks since you will be buying yourself Expensive so you will have to hire them for a short time
No need to drink and drive
Strip Clubs
Pros  Cons


Can house large groups Difficult to locate
Several men are available Pricy drinks at the club
More fun and exciting Necessary to hire a fancy car and driver
You can stay longer They will be entertaining everyone with no specific focus on the bride.

Ways to find a stripper in your area

It is very hard to find them. Here are some tips on where you can get one or more:

  • Let the internet be your last option: most times, you will find loads of amazing strippers online but when you try to book, you will learn that they don’t offer services in your local area. It is confusing and not even easy to locate them in the first place especially in places where there isn’t a specific website to go.
  • Go Local: Check the listing for businesses on Yelp or Google For example, in Detroit, you will find strippers listed in adult entertainers’ category.
  • Ask Escort Company: If you just can’t seem to find strippers in your area, try to search for companies that offer escort services. Call them to check if they have male escorts that strip. You can also check nightclubs listing. Though you will find a few ones. You can ask around discreetly from people that recently had strippers for their bachelorette party.
  • If you live in rural areas, your best bet is to get a stripper to come to a hotel in the city. You can then hire a car and driver to take you and your friends there.

How to hire the stripper you found

It is a bit expensive to get a stripper to come and dance at someone’s home. You can expect to pay about $300 for ½ to 1-hour striptease.  This cost is reasonable if at least 10 women will come to the party, you can split the bill. Click here to read more.

Some questions that you ask the company

  • Is there a website that you can visit to see images of their men?
  • Do they have men available on the date you want?
  • Will he dance semi-nude or completely nude?
  • How many songs will they dance to?
  • What are the rates for one man and does the rate include the travel cost to your house?
  • What things should be provided?
  • Will the dancers come with their own music and speakers?
  • What rules are you required to follow? Can the ladies touch him?
  • Should the bill be paid upfront or after the dance?
  • What costumes will he wear? Can one select the costume? What options are available? (Common options include a construction worker, fireman, pizza guy, cop, Tarzan, businessman and so on).

A few tips to ensure things go well

  • Have the contact details of the agency nearby because stripers always run late. You may have to call or email them to know the current location of the strippers.
  • Provide them with the correct and accurate directions to your place. They might have to come to your party from somewhere else depending on their schedule. If they cannot find your place in time, they might cancel rather than risk missing their next appointment. They might also come very late and only stay for a short while.
  • Use a credit card to pay. So you will be able to dispute charges should the strippers fail to show up or their services are not what you booked for.
  • Make sure you have the written agreement by mail or fax.
  • Check their pictures before the party to ensure the right people show up. You will also be able to see if the person is pleasing to the eyes.
  • Make an early booking. Call the agency some days prior to the party to make sure things are still in order.

Other things to consider

Be honest and upfront if you have made up your heart to incorporate this type of fun into the party. That way, people who don’t like the idea will not feel forced to take part in it. You can make other arrangements to accommodate those people after the naughty part of the party is over.

If you decide to stick to strip club option, don’t forget to check if they have policies against drinking alcoholic drink in the club.

Hope this article is helpful and will it easier to plan your next striptease at any party. Have fun and remember to be open-minded when selecting the services.


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