M.C. Hammer Helps Close the American Music Awards on a High Note

If you watched the American Music Awards last night, I feel for you.  Haven’t you realized you can get all the good parts on You Tube minutes after the show has ended?  You get to skip all the mindless thank you speeches and horrible scripted introductions.  For those of you who didn’t watch it, I think I can sum it up (from what I read) by just saying that Bieber was on camera the most thanks to winning all the popular awards, Nicki Minaj looked like a worse version of Diana Ross and I’d totally go after Bieber’s mom.

For the brave that watched and waited to see something great, I hope you stayed up late and caught the last act.  I’m sure most of you, like I would have done, turned off the TV as soon as you heard the first few bars of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” but if you didn’t, you were in for a treat.  Yes, you may have had to get a cloth and dab the blood coming from your ears the first 2 and half minutes**, but once M.C. Hammer came on stage all order was restored.

[youtube id = Jn0KECmXoW8]

And Hammer still got it.  I hope this doesn’t give PSY the idea that his music will still be relevant in 20 years.  Hopefully people have this shit storm of a stupid song off their playlists by January one.  If nothing else, maybe they can quit playing it on the damn radio.  I hate driving as it is, I don’t need what sounds like 78 cents thrown into a mason jar and backed by awful electronic music to help me on my commute.

**Another topic of conversation could be how confused Eric Stonestreet looks at the 2:45 second mark.  I can’t tell if his head is going to blow up from sheer excitement of seeing M.C. Hammer, anger from PSY’s song getting interrupted or if he genuinely has no idea who either one of the two people on stage are.


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