Today in ‘We’re Getting Old Fast’ News: Lisa Kudrow Turns 50 & Ruthie from ‘7th Heaven’ Does Maxim

Friends was a great show.  Lisa Kudrow’s character Phoebe was an eccentric, querky, loveable person that made you shake your head.  Well.  Phoebe is now 50.  How’s that pill to swallow?  Want another one?  Remember Ruthie 7th Heaven with Jessica Biel?  Even if you didn’t watch it, you know who Mackenzie Rosman is.  The sweet, cherubic, youngest daughter is now 23 years-old and in a new Maxim spread which questions whether or not I can use the term “ass for days” without feeling like I’ve broken a law.

I’m not sure how old you are.  I can’t be certain of my audience, but I’m willing to bet it’s predominantly males in the 21-35 range.  If that guess on demographic offends you, just take a moment and relax and realize that this a website. Calm down, get some juice and come back when you’re ready to act like an adult.  Which is, subsequently, what we are becoming at alarming rates.

There is always something, almost daily, that happens that makes us say “Damn we are getting old”.  Kudrow, for example, made me utter that phrase in the car on the way to work this morning.  You start to think about Friends and how big of a pop culture phenomenon it really was.  You start to think about what else was going on during that time of your life.  For me, I was in middle school.  Dances and football (undefeated, NBD) were pretty much all that was on my plate.  I didn’t have a job, my source of income was my parents and my biggest dream was getting my license.

Ruthie? That little curly haired girl on that show that with Jessica Biel? How can she be old enough to pose in Maxim?  Damn, we are getting old. It used to be fun to say, right? Like your first or second year out of college you would go back to the bar and complain that you were the old creepy guy while having no idea that when you were 29 you would be entering that same bar on a much more realistic creepy level.

Since we can’t slow down time we might as well basque in the awesomeness that was, right?  I, and you, should continue to tell stories of stealing street signs (not me personally if any law enforcement is reading), passing out in random places, nights in jail, taking a dump in the bushes at a church (kind of specific, no?) or just a great night with friends where no matter what you did, you could not kick that keg.

Let me kick start your nostalgia train with the gallery from Maxim for Mackenzie Rosman. Hat tip to for the additional pics!

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