Lindsay Lohan's SNL Promo's released

I have stuck with my girl LiLo through all of her trials and tribulation and now is the time for her comeback to truly begin.

Of course, it could spiral out of control a la Ashely Simpson on Saturday Night Live, but isn’t that why we watch? Live TV, baby!

This 2 minute clip of Lindsay Lohan’s promos for the upcoming episode (with musical guest Jack White!) are pretty funny.  Perhaps the funniest is when her and Kenan Thompson poke fun of the media for being all up in her business for the last year or so.

“People have probably been wondering what I’ve been up to,” Lindsay told Kenan.

“It’s unfortunate that everyone’s paid so little attention to you over the last few years.” Kenan replied.

Lindsay continued “I know, if only magazines and websites could’ve have documented my activities more closely”.

Both end the dialogue with a great, straight faced stare.

Can’t wait to watch.

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